[Contest] Gemsy T-Shirt Design

Participate in GEMSY’s first ever T-shirt design contest! This contest is held to let everyone & anyone showcase their design talent. Top 3 designs will be selected as the winner! Winning designs will be produced and sold commercially at GEMSY, under their own name and at zero cost! Designers of the winning pieces will also get a cut of the revenue.

So, shoot your shot and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Contest Details

Contest end date: 24 November 2019, 23:59
Results: 29 November 2019

1st prize
Winning T-shirt x1
Revenue sharing
1-year membership rate (10% Off sitewide)

2nd prize
Revenue sharing
6-mths membership rate (10% Off sitewide)

3rd prize
Revenue sharing
3-mths membership rate (10% Off sitewide)

How to participate?

  1. Choose at least 1 base color to work on
  2. Design artwork based on given theme
  3. Submit final design(s) in JPEG/ PNG/ PDF to gemsysg@gmail.com by 24 Nov 2019
    2. Message: Include Designer name, IG handler, Name of design, Narrative


T-shirt base color:


Basic guidelines

  • Designs are applicable only on the front and back of T-shirt (No designs on sleeve, collar etc.)
  • Choose any of the 3 T-shirt base color to work on
  • Multiple submissions are allowed (Up to 3 designs per person)
  • It is recommended to keep design within 3 colours
  • No images are to be used in the design
  • No vulgarities are to be used in the design
  • All texts are to be converted into outlines


Terms & Conditions

  • By participating in this contest, participants authorize their design(s) to be sold commercially at gemsysg.com
  • Winning designers will be credited on the respective product page at gemsysg.com
  • Late submissions will not be accepted
  • Designs that do not adhere to the design guidelines provided will be excluded from the contest
  • Gemsy reserves the right to make any changes to the contest at any point in time