We're proud to present to you our greatest collection of all time — IMPERFECTION.

The collection is inspired by the concept that nothing is perfect, and it is up to us to see the beauty in the art of imperfection. As such, we make use of colours frequently seen on glitchy effects and also make sure that the artworks are almost never flawless.

Why greatest?

We spent a great deal of time looking for the perfect fabric and finally decided on the premium interlock cotton. This fabric provides maximum comfort with its ultra smooth and soft texture that we were so impressed by. In addition, we have also make adjustment to the thickness of the cotton so that there is not a need to think twice when choosing Gemsy as your everyday t-shirt. 

As a bonus, we have also reduced the price of the entire collection. We simply refuse to believe that good quality streetwear only comes with a hefty price tag. Without compromising on the quality, streetwear in Singapore can be affordable too. Don't you think so too?

Now, have a look at the collection that we're so proud of.


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